• Description: The effective planning and implementation of programmes related to the CRPD was hindered in South Africa by an insufficiently developed policy framework, inadequate alignment between budgetary allocations and CRPD provisions, and a lack of comprehensive data on the opportunities and challenges faced by persons with disabilities. The UNPRPD project Accelerating the Implementation of the UNCRPD in South Africa was launched in 2013 to assist the South African government in addressing these bottlenecks through work focused on three entry points: the articulation of a CRPD compliant policy framework; the development of an analytical framework for disability-sensitive budgeting; and the strengthening of monitoring capacity in the area of disability rights.

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    • Quick facts

      Flag of South Africa
    • Total programme budget$0.4millions
    • UN agenciesOHCHR, UNDP, UNICEF
    • Duration
      March 01, 2013
      December 31, 2015


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